In 2022 we implemented the Cover insurance policy. Due to myself (Adam) being at a heightened risk of contracting Covid due to the dimensions of the Bandwagon and close proximity to a large number of different students, and having duty of care to you and your families, we will be continuing this forward into this year.


The policy dictates that if I contract Covid, then the lessons will still be charged for and no catch ups will be issued. This would be for a maximum of 2 weeks over the academic year, and will not be implemented unless I contract Covid.


 If you balance this against us offering catch up sessions whereas other providers don’t, and continuing the 2016 prices, this still offers excellent value for money. Hopefully this won’t happen again, I got it twice last year, and I have had Covid 4 times in total. Each time it was pretty miserable and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. We are also asking parents to remain vigilant with our absence and illness policy, not sending students to Bandwagon if they are ill in any way (even for colds etc), and having a catch up lesson issued at a later date when they are better. There was some objection to this last year, largely as some parents hadn’t read our emails, however I think this is the only fair way for both us and our customers. This is our policy and will continue until further notice. We thank you in advance for your compliance with this.