Covid-19 Precautions & Policies: wensum junior & thurton primary

Please read the following precautions and procedures which have been implemented for in-person tuition, and understand what we need from you in order to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

(If taking part in lessons at Framingham Earl High School after school club, there are separate Covid-19 precautions, please click here to read them.)

1. Cleaning rotor - Documented and signed off every week to be displayed in van is cleaned professionally every week. Cleaned by Mr Lawrence in between each session (sprayed down with anti-bacterial spray and wiped, or wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes).

  • KBDs and surfaces
  • Drums and iPads
  • Hand rails and switches.

2. Mr Lawrence and all staff that have contact with students to receive monthly Covid testing - This will be documented

3. Hand sanitiser - to be used on entrance and exit from the BW

4. Instruments and surfaces cleaned down in between lessons 

5. Students to wear their own masks all the time. Spares will be available in case they forget.

6. Doors to be open unless weather/noise levels prevent this. Headphones can be used to minimise the impact on other lessons. In times of inclement weather masks and visors will be worn and doors closed.

7. Mr Lawrence and all teaching staff to wear visor - a different one for each day and disinfected in between sessions.

8. Parents agree to not send students to Bandwagon if their child has any symptoms of any illness what so ever. This extends to cold symptoms, stomach issues, or any kind of symptom. This policy was adopted in the run up to the last concert and helped safeguard the health of both myself and the students. This will now be the policy from now on and will be a pre-requisite of any teaching. It will be facilitated through an online form which the parents must fill out before teaching can commence.

9. The Bandwagon reserves the right to send students back to class/to reception if they appear unwell. 

10. Grouping by Bubble

This is mandatory and understandably so and it may affect pre-existing bands. We are certainly hoping that it won’t be permanent and under the circumstances, although it may be unsettling to leave the members of a student's band, I think embracing a new group, or opting to take instrumental lessons could be a great way to forge new friendships, musical connections and personal musical progression. In short, a small amount of change will still end in fantastic results, if the students have the right attitude towards it.

11. Students to bring own guitars, ukuleles, drum sticks etc. No personal items, picks, sticks, or instruments to be shared between students. This will require additional storage in school - e.g music department cupboard or other such suitable space.

12. Singing Update - The government have updated their guidance to say that singing is no more hazardous than talking. As a precaution Teacher and students will wear visors. Students must purchase their own.

13. Microphones will not be used until further notice. 

14. Students must bring their own headphones. Preferably larger closed cup headphones. Jack connectors can be provided.

Spare instruments/headphones will be kept on BW for use in case of emergencies, forgetting, or not having own instrument. After use these will be dated and stored for 48 hours in drawer until used again.

15. Students to be spaced at least 1m apart and facing away from each other, therefore groups must be restricted to no more than 3. Again, this may adversely affect some groups, but it is only a temporary measure, and hopefully a bigger space/other solution may be found soon. Students should try to see this as an opportunity.

16. Schools (or households) must inform BW of any cases and students infected with Covid 19 if they are enrolled as BW students. School (or household) must make BW aware of any developments regarding the occurrence of all Covid cases in the school (or household) even if not named in our Bandwagon records due to GDPR.

17. Changes to teaching practice:

Teacher will have no physical contact with students (same as before). In order to demonstrate what to do teacher will describe and model. Moving of fingers on fretboard/keyboard will be described and not assisted. Teacher will remain at the front of the BW for the majority of the time.

In the event of school closure/teacher infection/14 days isolation, lessons will be rescheduled to a later date and will not be eligible for a refund unless those lessons cannot be rescheduled due to changing schools or other such circumstance.

18. Test and trace Contact details for all students held securely by the Bandwagon. In the event of a Bandwagon student becoming symptomatic of Covid 19/recieving a positive test, parents must inform the Bandwagon, who in turn would inform the other parents. This must be done as soon as possible.